Oct 05, 2016

Air Medical Mods - Delivering for Boston MedFlight

Charlotte, NC – Jet Logistics Technical Services recently completed retrofit of a late-model King Air B200 for corporate partner Jet Logistics to deliver to renowned critical care transport program Boston MedFlight.

Jet Logistics Technical Services is a fully certified Maintenance Repair Organization (14CFR Part 145) capable of performing scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, repairs and modifications on a variety of piston and turbine jet aircraft, including most popular models. One of the company's core proficiencies is performing airframe modifications or “upfit/retrofit” customized to the unique needs of air medical transportation thru its “Air Medical Mods” program, including critical care air ambulance, donor organ procurement and other special missions.

“We began the Air Medical Mods program a number of years ago, as Jet Logistics continued to grow and presented more air ambulance and related projects to Jet Logistics Technical Services,” commented Eric Giangiordano, Director of Business Development. “We also began attracting business from other operators and programs, some familiar or associated with Jet Logistics, and others who simply operate their own fixed-wing aircraft and were seeking a qualified MRO that understood the air medical industry.”

For air medical operators and service providers, Jet Logistics Technical Services and its Air Medical Mods program differentiate from other options in the marketplace in several key areas. First, Jet Logistics Technical Services is budget friendly from the perspective of both cost and time. There are many great MRO shops in the country, but a vast majority of those are geared specifically towards the corporate client, who tend to have a different mindset when it comes to budget and expenses for upfit. Many of those paradigms differ dramatically from specialized markets like air medical, government operations and other special mission purposes. That is where Jet Logistics excels, and thus Jet Logistics Technical Services has evolved similarly be proficient at understanding and having the capability to deliver those mods in a manner that meets the needs and expectations of such customers. Air medical transport companies also tend to rely on their assets differently from corporate clients because many are 24/7 operations, so timeframes are also a key consideration in providing maintenance or upfit service to air medical operators.

Second, when it comes to a specific field, if an operator has an air medical-dedicated aircraft that needs initial upfit or retrofit/updates, some of their requirements are unique. For example, many of the large, national MROs aren’t even familiar with leading accreditation programs like CAMTS (Commission on Accreditation for Medical Transport Services), nor any parameters for cabin interiors suited to meet/exceed their requirements. Conversely, Jet Logistics Technical Services has outfitted dozens of aircraft in medical configuration including exterior, airframe and cabin/interior upgrades, and Jet Logistics Group principal W. Ashley Smith, Jr. happens to also a member of the CAMTS Board of Directors, representing NATA – so again, our familiarity and understanding of that market is strong.”

Jet Logistics Technical Services is certified and experienced to perform mods on most any turbine jet aircraft platform, including but not limited to the most popular air medical models such as Learjet, Hawker, King Air and Citation. "The company is also familiar with the major medical stretcher/litter manufacturers including Spectrum, Lifeport, Aero Medical Products and Med Pac,” commented Giangiordano, “so basically we’ll install or source whatever available brand/model the client requests. If a client requests a referral, Jet Logistics recommends Spectrum-AeroMed. Their 2800-series model is the platform installed in all of the current Jet Logistics fleet aircraft and our team feels Spectrum offers a great product at a market-competitive price, and most importantly they back it up with great customer service. Jet Logistics Technical Services can also design and build custom cabin components for a client, such as medical stretcher accessory mounts or transport racks for donor organ coolers.”

Examples of common Air Medical Mods projects performed include:

  • Partial to complete CAMTS-compliant medical interior replacement/refurb
  • Sale/install/certification of Critical Care Transport medical systems, loading and related equipment
  • Design/install/certification of custom medical interior components
  • Design/application of exterior paint/graphics (branding)
  • Design/install/certification of external/cabin Comm & Data systems, including Sat Phone, Intercom and Avionics such as FMS and ADS-B


Jet Logistics Technical Services is regularly audited by leading industry organizations as part of the Jet Logistics Group - including CAMTS, the U.S. Department of Defense (CARB) and IS-BAO. Combined with the company’s convenient location directly adjacent to the Wilson Air FBO at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport, which provides award-winning service and numerous commercial flight options, Jet Logistics Technical Services is an outstanding option for air medical operators nationwide who need “Air Medical Mods” for their turbine jet asset.

For more information on this release or Air Medical Mods services, please contact:
Jet Logistics Inc.
Eric Giangiordano - Business Development