Dec 04, 2014

Jet Logistics Delivers King Air/Learjet Air Medical MODS

Charlotte, NC - King Air and Learjet aircraft recently completed by Jet Logistics Technical Services, the FAA Part 145CRS for Jet Logistics, provide the latest example ofthe unique and diverse range of custom modifications available thru the company’s Aircraft Purchase, Lease, Upfit and Sale (P.L.U.S.™) program – in this case, Air Medical MODS for dedicated air ambulance aircraft.

These particular aircraft, a Beechcraft King Air 200 and Learjet 35A for client Air Ambulance Caribbean dba AeroMD, represent two of the most popular platforms in the fixed-wing air ambulance industry – and models for which Jet Logistics maintains significant expertise in the areas of maintenance, modifications and operations.

The work scope for each of these aircraft required exterior, interior, FAA STC/337 modifications and avionics/data/communication systems service including:

• Custom exterior paint/graphics
• Custom interior refurbishment
• Custom storage solutions
• Satellite phone
• Flight tracking comm system
• Medical litter system
• Custom med accessory components

"Two key factors that separate Jet Logistics from most others are the company’s expertise with fixed-wing air medical services AND vertically-integrated capabilities to provide all of those services, in a quality and budget-friendly manner,” stated W. Ashley Smith, Jr., President.

“We welcome other air medical aircraft owners and operators because when they come to Jet Logistics, whether they already own an aircraft needing updates, or are in need of a new asset, they’re dealing with business, operations and maintenance staff highly experienced at aircraft acquisitions, modifications, maintenance and operations of air medical aircraft. We understand that language, the equipment and most importantly, the unique time and budget expectations compared to the typical corporate aviation mentality."


“We offer these services for many types of clients, whether air medical, executive or special mission,” commented Eric Giangiordano, Business Development Manager. "But for example, if an operator needs a new aircraft, they’ll typically use a traditional commission broker, then get referred to various 3rd party maintenance shops to perform any work – one shop to do the scheduled maintenance, others to do the medical work in the case of an air ambulance aircraft, etc… . That simply adds middlemen with varying agendas that can result in budget overruns, time delays and dissatisfaction with the final results. Jet Logistics can be a one-stop shop for most of these operators."

For aircraft owners and/or operators interested in more information on how Jet Logistics can effectively manage your turbine jet aircraft purchase, lease, upfit and sale needs, or custom Air Medical Mods service to their air ambulance aircraft, please contact:

Jet Logistics Inc.
Ashley Smith – President
Eric Giangiordano – Business Development
(866) 824-9394