About JLTS


Jet Logistics Technical Services has been successfully serving the aircraft maintenance needs of the commercial and general aviation industries in the Carolinas and beyond for over 10 years. Our primary maintenance facility and administrative offices are located at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport (KCLT), with additional resources and operations at Raleigh-Durham International Airport (KRDU). Our highly trained staff includes licensed A&P aircraft maintenance technicians, IA-qualified aircraft inspectors and other aviation professionals with specialized maintenance expertise in various fields. JLTS does not employ contract maintenance personnel.

A wholly-owned company within the Jet Logistics group, Jet Logistics Technical Services has been successfully audited by many of the aviation industry's most respected independent accreditation organizations including but not limited to: the United States Department of Defense (CARB), NASA, major fractional aviation operators including Net Jets and CAMTS.

W. Ashley Smith, Jr.
- President
Jet Logistics Technical Services LLC.
As Founder/President of FAA Air Carrier Jet Logistics Inc. and Owner/President of FAA 145CRS Jet Logistics Technical Services LLC., W. Ashley Smith, Jr. has personally piloted, managed and performed maintenance service on a wide variety of aircraft for all types of owners during his career. Mr. Smith is also a licensed Airframe and Power plant mechanic who holds Inspection Authorization (IA). This type of background and experience, exemplified by not only the company's management but its entire talented staff of certified maintenance technicians, provides Jet Logistics Technical Services with a unique perspective on behalf of the aircraft owner compared to most other general aviation maintenance facilities:

"Jet Logistics Technical Services certainly operates differently from many other certified repair stations or other maintenance providers in the general aviation industry. There are too many shops and people who will just change parts, throwing money at diagnosis to see if it will address a problem at the owner's expense, until they stumble across a solution. If your only business is maintenance, that is an obvious way to increase profits – but what happened to the best interests of the aircraft owner?

Our Mx system policies, for example, focus on using experienced mechanics trained to troubleshoot and properly diagnose a problem before ordering the appropriate parts. At Jet Logistics Technical Services, our business is to manage and operate aircraft in our clients' best interests, so when it comes to maintenance and service of your valuable asset, we truly understand the meaning of "Maintaining your Aircraft AND Budget.™"

The Jet Logistics group, founded and based in North Carolina, includes various independent corporate entities serving the aviation industry, including Jet Logistics Technical Services LLC. and Jet Logistics Inc.

Jet Logistics Inc. is an FAA 14CFR Part 135 Air Carrier (#ZP7A427J) founded by W. Ashley Smith, Jr. in 2002 and based in Charlotte, NC (KCLT). In addition, Jet Logistics Inc. maintains regional operations at Raleigh-Durham International Airport (KRDU), McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, NV (KLAS) and manages executive and AirEMS™ turbine jet aircraft based nationwide. Jet Logistics offers a complete of general aviation services including: on-demand charter flight services, professional aircraft management, AirEMS™ fixed wing flight operations for air medical programs, GovOps™ fixed wing flight operations for government programs and aviation consulting for aircraft acquisitions/sales/updates.
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JLTS operates with a multi-step, operational program in compliance with FAA and numerous independent certification/accreditation programs:

- CASS (Continuing Analysis & Surveillance System)
CASS is an FAA 14CFR 135 requirement air carrier quality assurance system that provides for surveillance, controls, analysis, corrective action and follow-up – in summary, a closed-loop system allowing air carriers to monitor the performance and effectiveness of inspections, maintenance, preventative maintenance and alteration programs. CASS also collects data analyzes/trends that data from elements including routine, audit and other data. CASS integrates with Jet Logistics' overall SMS (Safety Management System) program and is separately subject to independent evaluation by the company's IEP to verify its effectiveness.

- Advanced Maintenance Compliance/Tracking
JLTS utilizes the industry's most modern and advanced software solutions for comprehensive compliance and tracking of fleet aircraft maintenance. The Avtrak platform allows JLTS technicians to effectively minimize aircraft downtime and maintenance costs, while also ensuring up-to-date accuracy for OEM and industry scheduled maintenance, AD and SB data. Corridor aviation service software is also separately employed for state-of-the-art aircraft parts inventory procurement, logistics and management.

- IEP (Independent Evaluation Program)
Internal audits are performed according to the proprietary IEP program and conducted independently by an auditor on a regularly scheduled basis. Audit protocol includes review of management, organization, Mx personnel, inspection personnel, documentation/records/manuals, aircraft and certification documents, airframe/engine/propeller/appliance records (logbooks), manufacturers Mx manuals, materials management, dangerous goods/hazmat, facilities/equipment and training programs.

- Training
Indoctrination Training (IT) provides each new JLTS technician, inspector, supervisor/manager and return-to-service authorized personnel with company policies and procedures. IT may cover the following: company indoc, repair station policies/procedures, FAR's, OSHA regulations, HAZMAT, EPA, applicable Title 14CFR requirements, Mx software training, facility security and human factors. JLTS maintenance staff receives continuing, recurrent training on OEM and aftermarket manufacturer programs.